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Over the past year our district adopted a new reading series. One of my favorite components is a unit inquiry project in which students self-select a unit-related question, research information, and compile it in a finished presentation.

We have had a blast trying out new digital tools to present our findings.

Guest bloger who talks about 3 Free and Easy Presentation Apps today!

Here are some of our favorite, kid-friendly (and teacher friendly!) apps for presentations. In my classroom, we have four iPads for the students to share, we were able to complete all of these projects with just the four iPads.

Guest bloger who talks about 3 Free and Easy Presentation Apps today!

1. Tellagami

Tellagami is a free iPad app that allows kids to create an avatar and record their voices.

Kids can customize the avatar, the background, the emotions of the character, and more.

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While the avatar must be generated within the program, students can upload a picture from their device’s camera roll to have a “real” photo for the background.

The student avatar is awesome for protecting student privacy if you choose to share them online via a classroom blog or website.

This application is super easy for kids to learn. My third graders were working independently within minutes.

All of the videos can be exported as videos to the iPad’s camera roll and shared via social networks, Youtube, or email.

Guest bloger who talks about 3 Free and Easy Presentation Apps today!

2. ChatterPix Kids

ChatterPix Kids, a free application from Duck Duck Moose, is a REALLY fun little app that allows students to import an image, add a mouth, and record a voice.

The app puts all of the pieces together to make it look like the picture is actually talking.

My kiddos LOVED this application. Much like Tellagami, the kids were able to use the app independently within minutes. This is one app where the kids really need a little bit of time to play and explore BEFORE a big project otherwise they get a little silly.

Guest bloger who talks about 3 Free and Easy Presentation Apps today!

3. Animoto

Animoto, while not directly targeted at kids, is a fantastic movie-making option for kids.

The application can be installed on both Apple and Android devices- there’s also a web-based creator.

Students select a background theme and music, then they import pictures and add captions.

Animoto does all of the rest to create a beautiful, professional looking video. Animoto does have special FREE accounts for educators that allow you, as the teacher, to create longer videos with more images and add students into your account.

We have used Animoto for several projects including inquiry presentations, science reports, biographies, and more.

It’s also an app that I keep on my phone to make videos of my students working in the classroom or during class events to share with parents.

It’s super easy and it takes less than a minute!

Kate Peila is a third grade teacher from Montana. She is passionate about integrating technology in the classroom to increase student engagement, improve lesson efficacy, and enhance classroom management. She is a content expert for Appolearning and she blogs at Purely Paperless.

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