Binder Clip Boards!


If you remember my post from last month, I said that I multi-purpose a lot of things in my Kindergarten classroom.  

This month I wanted to share something with you that is very simple and easy to do.  

I decided to share this because I was so surprised (happy – because I love helping people out) when someone in my building walked into my classroom and said, “WOW, I never thought of that!”  

A fun idea for making Binder Clip Boards!

Take a stack of white boards and a pile of clips, and presto, clipboards!

A fun idea for making Binder Clip Boards!

How many of you ever have your students write the room, count the room, etc?

What do your students use to write on?  If you were lucky enough to purchase clipboards for everyone, that is super.

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If not, here is a new little trick.  

A fun idea for making Binder Clip Boards!

My kiddos just love it, and they can do it all by themselves.   I tell them they look sooooooo professional.  hehehehehe  

Plus, if you go outside and it is windy, your kiddos will not loose their papers. Trust me, I live in Kansas, a truly windy state.

A fun idea for making Binder Clip Boards!

See you next month

~Faith at Kindergarten Faith

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