How To Thursday: Twitter Chats

Now – before you go running off thinking you aren’t interested in Twitter, much less chatting with anyone on there (I mean, who does that anyway?) – I highly encourage you to watch the video below and see for yourself just how easy it really is!

Have you ever wondered about how teachers connect online when they are not near one another? Twitter chats can be a super useful tool - see how easy it is!

You have an opportunity to collaborate and bounce ideas off teachers just like you with no proximity limits!  

That is HUGE!  

Some of the best friends I have now I have met through online collaborations – seriously!  

Even if you aren’t ready to jump in and participate in a chat right away, the video explains how you can just start by watching.  It is way easier than you think!  

And some chats even do prizes – gotta love that!

See for yourself:

Here are the 2 links mentioned in the video:

Hope this encourages someone to try it out – I would love to hear if you are a first-time Twitter chatter how it went in the comments below!

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Happy Tweeting!

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