Using Smart Board Files Without a Smart Board


I am in my second year of teaching with a Smart Board, and now I don’t know how to teach without it! But like many teachers, I spent my first six years of teaching without one.

I also didn’t have student computers in my classroom, but maybe you do.

If so, you can still take advantage of the many wonderful, free Smart Board resources out there on your classroom desktops.

Who knew? Using educational technology and Using Smart Board Files Without a Smart Board!

How so?

Well, Smart Technologies provides a free link called Smart Notebook Express that allows you to pull up Smart Board files saved on your computer.

You can also download the program for free on your computer without having to go through the internet. You can also create and edit Smart Board files, but the features are very limited. Click here for the Smart Notebook Express software link.

Who knew? Using educational technology and Using Smart Board Files Without a Smart Board!

So, if you downloaded the program or opened the link, you now need some awesome Smart Board files, right? Well, here’s a few places to go looking:

Smart Exchange – This website is from Smart Technologies. You will need to sign up to download files (it’s free), but they also provide a Smart Notebook Express button beside the lesson file you’re interested in to automatically open the file (You still need an account to do this, also.)  Smartboard exchange is really the pinnacle of all interactive display lessons out there.

Just pulling up the search page has some fun looking ideas that you can customize for your own question sets and subject matter.

Who knew? Using educational technology and Using Smart Board Files Without a Smart Board!

Teachers Pay Teachers – Just type Smart Board or Smartboard in the search box to pull up results. If looking for free files, just refine your results to the left under “Price” (you will also need to set up a free account). I especially love this place value game by Christi Squires.

There are literally thousands of free lessons and activities within the resources shown.

Scholastic Math and Science Smart Board Files – This page contains free SB files that do not require creating an account. I just opened the first file about capacity, and it is super cute!

Of course, Scholastic also has a great online community, which may be something to look into as well for even more support, training, and services.

Who knew? Using educational technology and Using Smart Board Files Without a Smart Board!

For many, this is probably old news, but it was actually a tool I learned about recently and am excited to share with those who could benefit from it. Teachers might even consider informing parents about this resource and sending Smart Board files via email to reinforce learning at home.

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This was a guest blog post from Tabitha Carro and you can find more from her at FlapJack Educational Resources.

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